Results of chinese student’s bachelor thesis

In summer 2018 and summer 2019 six chinese students of Technische Hochschule Lübeck coming from East China University of Science and Technology – ECUST, Shanghai studying their last three semesters in Lübeck have worked on Xamarin Forms solutions in C#. Here the thesisis can be downloaded and you can find short content lists of the three working areas.

  1.  Gu Qiwen Bachelor thesis. (July 2018)
    Xamarin Forms solutions for Raspberry PI Win iOT
    Raspberry PI Win iOT solution for I2C Communication
    Realtime down to 1 ms with Microtimer in Xamarin Forms Win iOT
    Communication via mysql Data base to remote control a temperature control system running on Raspberry remote controlled with Android or iOS mobile phone
    Realtime controller for temperatur control system running with Xamarin Forms on Raspberry
    Realtime controller for an inverted two dimensional pendulum running with Xamarin Forms on Raspberry
  2. Ma Qiang Bachelor thesis.(July 2018)
    Xamarin Forms solutions for any platform like UWP, Win iOT, Android and iOS
    Communication with email message exchange from client to client
    Communication using mysql data base from client to client
  3. Linhui Yang Bachelor thesis.(July 2018)
    Xamarin Forms solution for
    Publishing Apps via Google Play
    Publishing Apps via Apple Store
    Publishing Application privately in Win10
    Popup menus
    Working with Maps, Geocode, and Geolocator
    Preference information saving on client device
    Development of an App called Event Manager to manage events for suppliers and searchers
  4. Qin Lu Bachelor Thesis. (July 2019)
    Xamarin Essentials with respect to work with Android.
    Accelerometer, Application information, Barometer, Battery, Clipboard, Color Converters
    Compass, Connectivity, Shake detektion, Display information, Device information,
    Email, Geocoding, Geolocation, Gyroscope, Launcher, Image Picker, Photo from CameraYuxuan
    Here you can download his Source code running under VS19
  5. Wang Bachelor Thesis. (July 2019)
    Xamarin Essentials with respect to work with iOS.
    Magnetometer, Main Thread, Map, Browser, Phone Dialer, Platform extensions,
    Preferences, Secure Storage, Share, SMS, Text-to-speech, Version Tracking, Vibration,
    Video Players
  1. Yuan Zun Bachelor Thesis. (July 2019)
    Investigation and Test of Xamarin.Forms Client to Client communication methods
    MQTT server and client solution for UWP and Android

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