Raspberry PI 3 with C#

We have now good results with programming a Raspberry PI (Raspi) with Operating System Win IOT and cross platform xamarin forms C# – code. Some more details you can find in the bachelor thesis of Gu Qiwen.  What we already solved:

  • Xamarin Forms User Interface together with a touch panel WAVESHARE 10.1” HDMI LCD (H) connected to Raspi. It works very well. Only pinching is not possible, because the touch doesn’t support multifingering.
  • Real time operating timer Microtimer works very well under UWP on Raspi down to 1 ms sampling time
  • I2C Interfacing with ADC and DAC to realise control systems
  • Email communication with other clients
  • Mysql communication with other clients to remote control Raspi parameters

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