windfHere is the latest runtime version of WindfCsharp, Version number is now 7.7.21.

Here you can read a documentation.

Here you can download the source code in MS- 2019  – Visual C# – version. It is a windows-Forms project. Just click on the sln- file.

Here you can see the history file.

Here is a list of functions:

  • German menu- text with the german flag button
  • Draw bode plots of analog filters. Up to 10 curves in one diagram
  • Convert analog filters into digital filters with rectangular or trapezoidal (bilinear transformation) method
  • Draw bode plots or step / impulse responses of digital filters and run them with connected ADC- card down to 1 ms sampling time
  • Convert analog transfer functions from polynomial form into time constant form
  • Draw any ASCII – files containing curve data (1 point is one line)
  • Curve plotter with comportable tool bat to store, print, zoom curves
  • Interface to Philips scope via RS232 – line to read in sampled curves
  • Interface to Rigol DS 1074 scopes via network ethernet interface
  • Interface to Schlumberger gain phase analyzer GPA 1260 / 53
  • Identification with least square method, 2PT1- tangent method, Off- line LS- method, some simple two – point methods and finally a realtime RLS- online identification.
  • Real time controllers of type PIDT1, DeadBeat, Orientation controller, PFC ( predictive functional control from Richalet), running with simulated or real hardware including possibility of online adaptive behaviour
  • Active digital filter to simulate processes down to 1 ms sampling time with connected ADC- cards
  • Some special modules to drive our inverted pendulum experiments
  • Controller design for special processes like PT1, 2PT1, 3PT1, 4PT1 or IT1, with FRA- method includind Dead Beat design.
  • PIDT1- converter. Converts a given form into the other (parallel form <-> bode form <-> Wiki- form – digital PID)
  • Development tool for fuzzy controllers
  • ADC – card interfaces for Meilhaus ME2600, ME 4660, all National Instruments DAQmx- Cards and our FHL- developped USB- card from Prof. Dr. Orlowski.



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