C# Projects

Here I want to present some C#- projects, which are created during my teaching in several lectures. This page is in english language, because in my class are some US- students which also should have continuous access to the programs after finishing their study. And with the official FHL-internet Site this is at this time not possible. So I will use my private pages to publish these projects.

First there is the big control system tool program WindfCSharp.


With this program you can develop and test digital filters and controllers, draw bode plots of analog and digital filters, calculate poles and zeroes of transfer functions, identify systems with several methods and play with a simulation system in real time mode down to 1 ms. You can connect real hardware via some ADC- Interfaces, read in the contents of some scopes. And finally, the source code is free, this is an open source C# project. See this page.

Secondly there is the simulation program RegCSharp.


This program has a block diagram editor (see example in above picture) and can calculate bode plots an step responses of complex analog systems up to 70 blocks. A variety of blocks are available and a controller design of PIDT1- controllers is possible with the FRA- method. The source is not available, but the exe- file is free. See this page.

The chart2D – project


This program produced a DLL, which can be used in other C#- programs to display up to 10 curves. The interface is simple to use, the chart2D- DLL offers a runtime toolbar to give users the possibility to save curves, print them, add grids, change colors, legends and titels and zoom into details. The source is also available. See this page.

Some other projects and smaller C#- code snippets


Look at my Digital clock (with source code), use my function, which can convert ASCII – floating point numbers into double- values independant of using the different possible decimal and thousand- separators. This page will growing in the next times. See this page.

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