My Control System II – lecture

Here you have the chance to get a look into my lecture Control System II at Technische Hochschule Lübeck. Caused by 2020-Corona I was forced to create an online lecture, which is realized in several movies published on Youtube. But you need additionally my papers, which are prepared to download here.

Because this is the second part of Control System lecture, here you can have a download possibility of material for the first course, which is not available as Youtube- videos. Maybe it will be created in Winter semester if problems still exists –> but hopefully not!

Workbook Control System I – contains the transparencies of lecture

Student Paper Control System I  – contains a complete copy of that what I have written on board, but without complete text.

Workbook control system II – Base for the lecture which will be presented piece by piece in the following weeks

Here the first lectures:

1 CSII chap 6 Intro
2 CSII chap 6 Conversion P and I
3 CSII chap 6 Recurcive PI Algorithm
4 CSII chap 6 Comparison of PI analog and digital
5 CSII chap 6 Analog Control loop simulation
6 CSII chap 6Digital loop simulation with Windfc#
7 CSII chap 6.2.4 ff D-Part Conversion of a PID
8 CSII chap 6.3-6.4 Exercise and programming of PID
9 CSII chap 6.5 Choices of To two upper limits
10 CSII chap 6.5 rest 3 lower limits
11 CSII chap 6.6+6.7 st-approx
12 CSII chap 6.7.2 S&H-Block
13 CSII chap 6 finish
14 CSII chap 6 Example PIDT1 design with RegC#
15 CSII chap 6 Example simulation with WindfC#

signed : Prof. Dr. Bayerlein –  TH Lübeck