App Development with VS and Xamarin Forms

Since three years I have started the App cross platform development with Visual Studio and the Xamarin Forms plugin. The big advantage is: One development of C#- code together with touch-based User Interface (UI) and this results in getting Apps for four platforms: Running on Local Win10- UWP-machine, Android, iOS and Win IOT e.g. running on a simple Raspberry PI connected to a touch panel. The development language is still the well known C#, which I have used since at least 10 years. So I am very happy with this tool.

Note that there are two existing ways to define the UI, in both cases there is no designer available as we know it from native programming or the elder Windows Forms projects. So all components on the screen has to be defined in code. This is possible in C# and XAML. I prefer C#, for me it is more restrictive and fits better to the code. But some people love the XAML- version. On this site you only can find examples without XAML, where UI is defined with C#.

I want to present some introduction projects for beginners to getting started with working and learning of the app- UI-concept and finally I want to present some resulting projects developed together with some Chinese students in their bachelor thesis at TH Lübeck.

Page 1: Introduction of UI with Forms Gallery from Github changed by myself

Page 2: My first Demo project

Page 3: Additional Information dealing with iOS

Page 4: Some information and tools to create icons for Xamarin Forms cross platform projects

Page 5: Results of chinese student bachelor thesis

Page 6: Some information to Raspberry PI using Win IOT and C# xamarin forms


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