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What is Chart2D? It is a library available as a DLL- file, which can be integrated in any C#- project. Your DotNet- Version should be higher or equal 4.5.1. It uses the dotNet component „chart“, but the software interface is more easy. It is a „wrapper“ around „chart“ and is specially designed to display up to 10 curves. An autoscale function is available. I use this Chart2d in my projects Windfc# and RegC#, there you can see it running.
A big advantage is the ToolBar. It is a bar of buttons to store / load curves, to print diagram, to zoom into curves and so on. It contains a manual scaling window and a data diagram to edit each point. Actual version from 14.6.2018 is V7.23

Here you get the dll- file to integrate into your C#- project

Here the history file

Here the source code, if you want to expand the function list

This document describes the tool bar (user interface) (only in German)

This document describes the interface to your C#- program (only in German)

Here a view on the toolBar of this component



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